Contacts of the suburban complex and recreation center "Syabry"


Restaurant and sauna

SPA complex

Paid fishing and gazebo rental

Information about the legal entity face

Branch "Syabry" SZAO "ENERGO-OIL" UNP 600985086

Legal address: 223042, Minsk district, Papernyansky s / s, village Semkovo, st. Sadovaya, d. 95, administrative building, room 1

SZAO "ENERGO-OIL", Certificate of registration No. 800011806, issued on 01.02.2013 by the Minsk City Executive Committee, Legal address: 220004, Almaty, st. Minsk, st. Rakovskaya, 14 V, 3rd floor

Форма обратной связи

Hotel, Restaraunt & SPA “Syabry” (Friends)

95 Sadovaya street, Semkovo village, Minsk district

9 км от МКАД, р-н Минского моря, дорога «Колодищи-Заславль»

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Territory plan

Territory plan