Relax and SPA

Pool and open-air jacuzzi, four types of baths, floatation, SPA treatments.


  • open-air swimming-pool with reclining chairs
  • summer terrace with a Jacuzzi
  • Finnish dry sauna, East European wet sauna and a Turkish hammam
  • cold water plunge tub
  • hydro massage
  • ice generator
  • foot massage unit
  • heated chill-out benches
  • relaxation room
  • impression-rich shower
  • gym
  • phyto bar
  • salt cave

Age limitation: 16+


Monday - Thursday

Session time, hour 2 3 4 5 6 12
Price, BYN 60 85 110 130 150 260


Session time, hour 2 3 4 5 6 12
Price, BYN 80 115 150 180 210 400


The chimneyless wet sauna concept is built along the following logical lines: a grid-covered fireplace is arranged right inside a sweating-room. Stones are put on the grid with no flue gas chimney being available. When burning, the firewood heats up the grid with its stones. The generated smoke, when passing through the open windows and the door, also heats up uniformly the ceiling, the walls and the floor. The soot produced in course of the firing action is deposited on the walls. The walls, which are smoke cured this way, become sterile, in practical terms. The firing process itself lasts approximately for 4 or 5 hours, and afterwards all the ashes and charcoals are removed.

Birch or oak tree sauna massage whisks are provided to our guests free of charge.
The sauna attendant services (1 session) cost BYN 25.00.

Visiting the chimneyless wet sauna is only possible in one package with the thermal water area.

Age limitation: 16+



Session time, hour 2 3 4 5 6 12
Price, BYN 95 120 145 165 185 295


Session time, hour 2 3 4 5 6 12
Price, BYN 115 150 185 215 245 435


Salt cave
The salt caves’ therapeutic and health-improvement properties have been known since times immemorial. The use of salt caves / rooms is listed among the most ancient aero therapeutic treatment methods. The people who penetrated for the first time salt caves learned a few things about their unique natural features, such as anti-sepsis, disinfection, treatment of the most serious respiratory disease forms and general relaxation.

Cryo chamber
Cryotherapy is a medical treatment methodology, which stimulates the metabolism, and the immune and endocrinal systems using a short-term effect of low temperatures on human body. The cryotherapy major assets are represented by anti-stress resilience, immunity, youth and a just body proportion.

Floating is an unusual, useful and a very pleasurable treatment practice and literally means swimming on the surface of the water with a large amount of Epsom salts solved in it. The saturated saline solution creates a total microgravity sensation. It enables a body to remain afloat without a minor effort being exerted and without drowning, just like in the Dead Sea. A stable 36°С water temperature is maintained, which serves to create an exceptionally comfortable environment and to ‘switch off’ the sense of touch.
The floating effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific evidence. It is recommendable in the cases of a high state anxiety, tendency to succumb to neurotic disorders or depressions, with stress resilience issues, as well as with any kinds of addictions.

The hammam is traditionally believed to serve as a comprehensive remedy against quite a few ailments. The surprising effect produced by the health-improvement practice is achieved due to the time-honoured combination of the delicate cleaning using a ‘kessa’ pealing glove and a soap-suds massage.
The name ‘hammam’ is derived from the old Arabic word ‘kham,’ which means ‘hot.’ Subsequently, Turkey has developed a special hammam philosophy, which survives till this very day.


1 session 10 sessions
General relax (40 min)
50 BYN 450 BYN
General relax (1 hour)
70 BYN 630 BYN
General tonus (40 min)
60 BYN 540 BYN
General tonus (1 hour)
80 BYN 720 BYN
General sporting (40 min)
70 BYN 630 BYN
General sporting (1 hour)
90 BYN 810 BYN
General anti- cellulite (40 min)
70 BYN 630 BYN
General anti- cellulite (1 hour)
90 BYN 810 BYN
‘Exotic’ (1 hour)
100 BYN 900 BYN
Back and cervico- occipital (30 min)
50 BYN 450 BYN
Head (20 min)
40 BYN 360 BYN
Legs and feet
40 BYN 360 BYN

Miscellaneous services

1 session 10/8* subscription ticket
Salt cave 30 min, for kids (7 through 14 years old)
5 BYN 45 BYN
Salt cave 30 min, mother and a child under 6 years old
10 BYN 90 BYN
Salt cave 30 min, adult person
10 BYN 90 BYN
Gym, no time limit imposed
8 BYN 56* BYN
Cryo chamber
20 BYN 160 BYN
90 BYN 630 BYN
120 BYN 840 BYN
90 BYN 630 BYN

Hotel, Restaraunt & SPA “Syabry” (Friends)

95 Sadovaya street, Semkovo village, Minsk district

9 км от МКАД, р-н Минского моря, дорога «Колодищи-Заславль»

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