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SYABRY (friends) — country holiday with comfort.

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Our suburban park hotel the best option for countryside recreation.

A visit paid to our restaurant will mark a pleasant surprise for you in terms of its Belarusian, European, and Caucasian cuisine dishes’ diversity.

True Russian wet sauna with its haymow, swimming pool, and snooker, or Finnish sauna with its plunge tub and a cozy chill-out room. Our log houses will share with you an inimitable sensation of warmth and sweet home comfort.

You will be enabled to enjoy a breath of fresh air and grill your own BBQ meal on charcoals in our differently-sized alcoves. The alcoves are situated along the side of an extremely clean lake, where anglers could fish for pike and European, silver or even Chinese carp.

For the active recreation fiends, we have tennis courts in place along with an open-air football pitch. A playground and a shooting range with its amusement machines are reserved for kids.

Our SPA complex will make you feel like a real holiday resort. They offer the services of a multi-function thermal water area with an open-air swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, hammam, dry and wet sauna, salt cave, gym and a one-off selection of treatment sessions ranging from an innovative cryo-chamber through floating to a traditional hammam ritual and a “chimneyless sauna.”

The Siabry is about comfortable countryside recreation.




We offer you a transfer service from the city of Minsk or its suburbs to our country complex from a park hotel, restaurant and SPA.

Our drivers will take You from or to the city in a comfortable Peugeot minibus with a capacity of 18 people.

The transfer fee is 50 BYN one way.

You can order our transfer services on phone numbers:

+375 29 633-00-22, and +375 44 779-00-03

Excerpts from the rules of residence and payment

1. Registration of accommodation in the rooms of the recreation center "Syabry" is carried out upon presentation of an identity document by a citizen.

2. Pets are not allowed in the room.

3. Accommodation in a double room. Additional room space is available for an additional fee according to the price list. Outsiders can only stay in the room at the invitation of the guests, from 7 to 23 hours with the knowledge of the administrator. Guests staying in the room are responsible for the timely departure of guests and their compliance with the rules of residence at the recreation center.

4. Check-in: from 14.00, check-out: until 12.00 of the last day of stay.

5. the Guest who wants to extend the stay in the room must inform the administrator no later than two hours before the eviction (the request is subject to availability). The accommodation fee is charged in accordance with the single check-out time from 12 o'clock of the current day.

6. Residents of the recreation center are guaranteed the safety of personal belongings in the room, excluding jewelry, securities, and money. For the safety of valuables, each room has an individual safe. The administration of the base is not responsible for valuables of the resident who refused to use the safe.


7. Residents must:

7.1. observe these rules of accommodation and fire safety rules;

7.2. take care of the property of the recreation center, keep it clean and tidy. In case of loss or damage to property caused by negligent use, the resident will reimburse the cost of the damage in the prices applicable at the time of stay;

7.3. do not make noise or perform actions that violate the living conditions of other citizens;

7.4. when leaving the room, turn off the lighting, TV, radio, close the water taps, windows, and the front door.

7.5. at the end of the established period of stay, vacate the room;

7.6. upon eviction from the room, make a final payment for the services rendered and hand over the occupied room to the maid.


8. Residents are prohibited from:

8.1. use electric heating devices;

8.2. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages in the room;

8.3. turn on sound-producing equipment with a volume that exceeds the audibility within the room;

8.4. store flammable and explosive substances and items in the room;

8.5. leave invited persons in the room in their absence, as well as give them the key to the room.



1. payment for the services of the Contractor may be made in a non-cash manner by transferring funds to a Bank account or by depositing cash through the company's cash Desk. The recipient of the payment is a Semkovo Club LLC.

2. payment of the invoice by residents and non-residents when paying for services on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is made in Belarusian rubles (BYR).

3. payment of the invoice in case of transfer of the cost of services from outside the Republic of Belarus via Bank branches (non-cash receipts) is made by agreement of the parties in foreign currency (Euro (EUR), US dollars (USD), Russian rubles (RUB). In this case, the parties additionally draw up a separate written agreement.

4. the Customer can also pay for services via electronic payment systems: ERIP (only for residents of the Republic of Belarus) and WebPay.

5. Payment for services is made by the Customer by pre-payment in the amount of 100% of the estimated cost of services within the period specified in the invoice. If the Customer does not pay the invoice within the specified period, the Contractor has the right to cancel the request.

6. In the case of transferring funds via Bank transfer, all costs for banking services are borne by the Customer.

7. if the cost of services changes for the period from the date of transfer of funds by the Customer to the date of rendering services, the cost of services is not recalculated.

8. Final payment for services is made on the basis of actual data in cash (in Belarusian rubles) or by payment by Bankcard.

A complete list of the rules of accommodation and payment in our hotel complex: Rules for the provision of hotel services 07/01/2020


Hotel, Restaraunt & SPA “Syabry” (Friends)

95 Sadovaya street, Semkovo village, Minsk district

9 км от МКАД, р-н Минского моря, дорога «Колодищи-Заславль»

Open on map: Google, Yandex

Territory plan

Territory plan