Active holiday outside the city

Fishing on the lake and renting gazebo with mangal. Football field and tennis courts. Playground.


The East European wet sauna is a perfect fit for large groups of persons, since it is capable of accommodating as many as 10 persons at a time. We provide sauna birch and oak tree massage whisks to our guests free of charge. It is from here that one may also make orders for foods and drinks to be delivered from the restaurant.

The sauna’s ground floor accommodates some walk-in shower units, a spacious sweating-room with its massage whisks and a lighted swimming- pool with a hydro massage and 22°C water.

The first floor contains a large recreation room with a 10-person banquette table, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, an electric kettle and a TV-set. The recreation room is extended all way onto an open loggia with its sofas. Relaxation after a sauna session can be provided in a cosy room with its twin bed or in a separate hall with a real hey-loft.

The second floor is furnished with a Russian pyramid snooker table and confortable soft sofas.

The Finnish-style dry sauna is intended to accommodate a 4-person group of people. The area includes some walk-in shower units, a dry sweating room and a cosy recreation room complete a microwave oven, a refrigerator, an electric kettle and a TV-set.


  • Wet sauna, max. 10 persons 70 BYN / per hour
  • Dry sauna, max. 4 persons 25 BYN / per hour

Fishing and Pavilions

For those who like fishing we offer ecological clear waters of the pond inhabited by different kinds of fish: a carp, a pike, a grass carp, a silver carp, a sheat fish andothers.

There are all necessary conditions for your comfortable fishing: a convenient descent to the pond, toilets and a free parking. If you wish you may rent a pavillion for your rest.
There is also a fisherman’s house on the bank of the pond where you can buy beverages and refreshments.

The fishing season lasts from May 1 to October 31.


An ideal variant of out-of-town recreation in the open air may be our pavilions on the picturesque bank of the pond. The guests may use the pavilions of various capacities.

Next to the pavilions there is a children's playground and a shooting gallery with amusing automats.

You can rent the pavilions from April 1 to October 31.

Parking is located at the main entrance into the recreation complex.


Big alcove (outdoor charcoal grill, spitters and charcoal)

  • Weekdays, MON thro’ THU, 200 BYN / per daylight hours
  • Weekends or public holidays, FRI thro’ SUN 400 BYN / per daylight hours

Medium-size alcove (outdoor charcoal grill, spitters and charcoal)

  • Weekdays, MON thro’ THU 175 BYN / per daylight hours
  • Weekends or public holidays 350 BYN / per daylight hours

Small alcove (outdoor charcoal grill, spitters and charcoal)

  • Weekdays, MON thro’ THU 75 BYN / per daylight hours
  • Weekends or public holidays, FRI thro’ SUN 150 BYN / per daylight hours
  • Living in a suite with guests (any day), 50 BYN / per daylight hours
  • Living in a suite with guests 75 BYN / per daylight hours

BBQ zone (outdoor charcoal grill, spitters and charcoal)

  • Hotel guests 15 BYN / up to 2 hours


  • 1 person with 4 kg takeaway fish included 25 BYN / per daylight hours
  • Fishing rod rent 5 BYN / per daylight hours


The Siabry’s sportive shooting range facility is a major shooting venue in Belarus integrating some cutting-edge technologies intended for a safe and comfortable practice of shooting at any time of the year.

The vast facility area (an impressive 8 hectares) has to offer:
- a roofed 300-metre shooting range with its state-of-the-art equipment enabling the lying, sitting and standing shooting practice for three persons at a time from the distances ranging between 25 and 300 meters. The shooting positions are provided with video gear to learn the shooting results immediately from where you are;
- two versatile sheet shooting positions for skeet, trap or sporting events);
- 30 to 50-metre quick fire site;
- smoothbore weapon adjustment fire site.

Experienced instructors will be there to provide advice how to make adjustments, correct your shooting technique or help to select the right ammunition.


Tennis & Footbal

There are open air sports grounds with artificial cover in the territory of the complex. We have 2 tennis courts and a football field. You can easily rent one of any tennis courts and sports equipment.

The SPA-complex is provided with a well-equipped gym available for use daily. The guests may use the gym without visiting the water thermal zone. One visit to the gym is 8.00 BYN (the time of use is unlimited). 8 visits to the SPA complex are 56.00 BYN. Opening hours are from 10 a.m to 21 p.m. (no days off)


Mini football pitch

  • Pitch rental 80 BYN / per hour
  • Football rental 5 BYN / -
  • Pitch rental for hotel guests 0 BYN / 2 hours


  • Court rental 25 BYN / per hour
  • 2 tennis rackets and a ball rental 20 BYN / -
  • Court rental for hotel guests 0 BYN / 2 hours


Air rifles; animal and soldier figurine or combat gear miniature stands; and paper shooting marks are always available.

Fluffy and tinker toys and many more serve as prizes to be received by those who mark 90 points with 10 shots.


  • AERO ICE HOCKEY: a two-player game played to shoot a puck into the rival’s goal (one game needs 4 tokens).
  • Bombastic: a funny children’s game for over 6-year-olds (1 token).
  • Ferrari: a game where one can show off one’s driving skills and choose any difficulty-level routes. Can be played by two persons (1 token).
  • TEKKEN: a fighting-style game (fight, scuffle or single combat) that imitates a hand-to-hand fight using various kinds of martial arts.
  • ALIENS: an amusement machine inspired by the film Aliens.


  • Air rifle 0,5 BYN / per shot
  • Children’s amusement machines 2 BYN / per token

Hotel, Restaraunt & SPA “Syabry” (Friends)

95 Sadovaya street, Semkovo village, Minsk district

9 км от МКАД, р-н Минского моря, дорога «Колодищи-Заславль»

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